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About 70 years ago, Simonetti Dino and his wife Maria Schiavoni, both very young, decided to embark together on the long journey of producing Verdicchio. They started this work with just one hectare of vineyard and the transformation of grape must into wine in a small room attached to their home. Their goal was to produce this wine without using herbicides, systemic treatments, or anti-mold agents in the vineyard while keeping sulfur levels low.
Continuing with this very particular choice, within a few years they managed to establish themselves well in the local market, reaching about 5 hectares of Verdicchio vineyards and a cellar with approximately 500 hectoliters of wine.

Many years later, their grandchildren joined their company, and by following their grandparents' criteria, they have reached a production of about 15 hectares of vineyards and around 30,000 bottles per year, also focusing heavily on the foreign market.
The fact that they do not use these products, carry out a highly selective manual harvest, and have a low yield per hectare makes this wine extremely natural and genuine.



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